Benefits and Downsides of Installing Solar Panels

Everything in our nature has its own advantages and disadvantages, even something so pure and natural, like the solar power. Every year, millions of Americans get in contact with professional companies to install solar panels on their roof. But have you ever thought about the benefits and downsides of such a project? Here they are:

Advantages. Compared to the disadvantages, the advantages of installing solar panels are definitely more. Solar energy comes from sun’s radiation and the sun is one of the most powerful energy sources on the earth. The greatest about it is that it comes from a practically unlimited power source as sun is available every day, even during the winter. One thing is for sure, sun is an inexhaustible source of energy for mankind. Another awesome benefit we have to mention is that it reduces your utility bills. When professionally installed on your roof, they will be a secure source of energy for your entire household. In this relation, if you hire a licensed company to provide you with a safe solar panel bird protection and professional cleaning, your home will enjoy solar power for a very long time. That’s because cleaner solar panels generate more electricity and work more efficiently. Another wonderful advantage is that once installed, solar panels require low maintenance.

Disadvantages. One of the worst downsides of such a project is its cost, of course. The price includes fees for buying the panels, as well as their installation, additional bird protection precautions, inverter, batteries, and occasional solar panel cleaning. Nonetheless, this kind of investment will definitely pay off in the long run. Another downside that can be mentioned here is their vulnerability to the weather conditions. Although solar energy is generated even in cloudy and rainy days, its efficiency significantly drops if there is no sun. Moreover, your solar units will need professional cleaning periodically because of city dust, bird droppings, and grime accumulated on them.

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